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Multi location Retail

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Senior Vice President and COO, Norman Plumstead, was eager to convert all 8 locations of Honor Bank to LED lighting, inside and out.  Organization and attention to every detail is very  important to coordinate a smooth transition with multi-location properties – something CooLED is experienced with!  We conducted an extensive audit of every branch, carefully selecting the perfect LED solution for every bulb and fixture.  An accounting of each location was prepared for review and reference.  Product and installations were staged and scheduled.  In addition, the CooLED team prepared and processed utility rebate information for each location as part of our service to our clients.

Outdated fluorescent tubes dominated the interiors of each branch.  We chose 15 watt ballast compatible LED tubes as replacements, which saved the bank on installation costs as well as slashed their energy consumption by over 50%.   Various LED PAR and BR bulbs served as replacements at each location.  CooLED’s 60 watt security lighting easily replaced the existing 150 watt lights and our exclusive CressaUSA Parking Lot lights replaced the various exterior pole lighting.  160 watt CressaUSA LEDs replaced 1000 watt metal halides and 80 watt CressaUSA LEDs replaced 400 watt metal halide parking lot lights at each location (a savings of over 80%)!

What did Mr. Plumstead have to say about CooLED and his LED conversion?

“At Honor Bank, one of our core values is responsibility to our stakeholders. In the case of our LED project, it has meant a nicer environment foHonor Bank Multi Locationsr both employees and customers. In addition, we’re saving substantial money each month on our electricity costs, and that’s the right thing for our shareholders. CooLED Inc. delivered on
their promises and made it easy for us to make the conversion to LED lighting. We’re happy we made the change and only wish we would have done it sooner.”   

Norm Plumstead | Honor Bank | Senior Vice President | COO

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