Retail and Office Buildings

Energy Efficient Lighting Makes Smart Business.
Discover How CooLED Can Transform Your Retail or Office Building.

Studies show that weak or poor lighting cause employees to be more tired, less focused and generally unhappy.

The brighter, better option for your retail property or office building is LED lighting.  With LED lighting you’ll not only get better illumination but also flicker free, buzz free, ultra-long lasting lighting that your customers and employees will love!  High quality LED lighting gives employees more energy, greater productivity and generally makes them feel better about their work.

And as if that weren’t enough, you’ll also experience significant savings from reduced energy and maintenance that will directly affect your bottom line in a positive way.

LED lighting for retail and office buildings include replacements for every option: LED tube lights, LED panel lights, LED cobb lights and LED bulb replacements of every style and size. LED replacements for exterior security and exterior parking lot lighting are also readily available.

We offer Complete Project Management and specialize in Multi-Location Management.  We can fully address your property’s needs with no interference to your daily routine.

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