Multi-Family Housing

Energy Efficient Lighting Makes Smart Business.
Discover How CooLED Can Transform Your Multi-Family Housing Property.

Longfellow Towers new LED lightsTrying to provide more with less is a Property Manager’s daily battle. An LED retro-fit at your property will provide you with immediate savings, improved lighting and reduced maintenance.

Inside, your club house, community rooms, hallways, pools, entryways and even your model will look and feel better. This will attract new tenants and keep existing ones happy. In addition, studies show the positive effect of LED light with improvement of employee mood, attendance and production.

Outside, everyone will love the better, more targeted lighting and feel more secure at night.

Fairfield Residential GymSince we offer Complete Project Management and specialize in Multi-Location Management, we can address your property’s needs with no interference to your daily routine.



Have CooLED manage your energy efficient lighting project and experience the immediate benefits!




RHM Longfellow Towers LED Conversion
Fairfield's Summer Ridge Apartments
Shinners & Chasnis River Forest Apartments


Peninsula Bay Multi-Family Facility
Fairfield's Landings at the Preserve Apartments
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