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Manufacturing Facility LED ConversionWarehouse and Manufacturing facility operators have a constant pressure to produce, store and deliver a greater amount of goods while maintaining the lowest possible price. Cost cutting measures are best achieved by reducing overhead, and the easiest, quickest and most economical way to do that is with more efficient lighting.

Lighting at Warehouse and Manufacturing facilities can account for fifty to seventy-five percent of electrical consumption. Inefficient high bay metal halide or high pressure sodium light fixtures have long been the traditional option for warehouse lighting. But today’s technology proves the transition to LED light fixtures have significant benefits, including:Manufacturing and Warehouse LED Conversion

Reduced energy costs
Improved lighting
Improved safety
Reduced maintenance
Meeting company sustainability goals

LED lighting provides superior light with less than half the electricity consumption of traditional light fixtures. This reduction goes directly to the bottom line, reducing the overhead costs at your facility.

An LED conversion will also improve overall efficiency and safety of a typical facility. Modern Warehouse and Manufacturing facilities are busy places. Poorly lit aisles and dark corners are risky situations. LEDs provide superior directional, instant-on light, which will increase illumination and reduce the risk of errors and accidents while also improving employee alertness.

Manufacturing Facility LED ContractorLED light fixtures last much longer than traditional light fixtures – upwards of 10 to 20 years depending on use! Retro-fitting your facility to LED lights will reduce the maintenance and down-time costs experienced every time a fixture needs to be replaced.

Plant Managers who are tasked with meeting company sustainability goals will win big with an LED conversion. LED fixtures do not contain hazardous materials typically found in traditional fixtures. So not only can the company boast reduced energy consumption, but also reduced landfill contamination.

Whether you have one location or multi-locations, CooLED is your trusted LED Lighting Project Management Team. We bring LED lighting solutions to commercial and industrial facilities like yours, from coast to coast.


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