Brookfield-Rouse Properties

Fig Garden Mall Fresno CA
Lifetime Savings

Lifetime Savings

Utility Rebate

Utility Rebate

Return on Investment Percentage

Project ROI


1.48 Years

KwH Reduction

Grid Savings
512,778 KwH

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Reduction Equivalent
265 Acres of Trees

Fig Garden Mall LightingRouse Properties is in the business of maximizing the value of their many retail properties. One of the more obvious ways to improve these properties is to convert the lighting to LED. They chose CooLED to take on their large numerous locations because they needed a trusted partner that could manage the conversions at multiple locations simultaneously. CooLED has completed 9 Rouse Property malls to date, located literally from coast to coast.

The benefits of an LED retrofit at a retail location include:

Enhanced illumination – providing both product enhancement and a heightened sense of safety for the public.
Lower energy bills – providing a direct benefit to the bottom line of the property owner and their tenants.
Reduced maintenance – long LED lifespan means no interruptions of space and time taken to replace bulbs.
Reduced cooling costs – LEDs emit very little heat in comparison to traditional lighting so air conditioning demands are much lower.


“It looks great! The change in my building is nothing short of amazing!”

Joe Eaton, Rouse Properties, VP of National Operations


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