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Energy Efficient Lighting Makes Smart Business.  Discover How CooLED Can Transform Your Health Care and Senior Living Environment.

Management in the Health Care and Senior Living industries are always looking to improve patient experience while at the same time lower operating costs. Converting traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent fixtures to quality LED lights provide the ideal solution to improve a facility’s performance and significantly lower energy and maintenance costs.

Because LED lighting uses significantly less energy to run, the Dental Office Surface LEDconsiderable cost savings is easy to prove. However, when it comes to the Health Care and Senior Living Industries, LED lights might be the healthiest change one facility can make!

Reduced down-time – Your facility relies on its ability to be ready for patient care at all times. Because LED lights have such a long lifetime, imagine the reduction in down-time due to maintenance NOT having to change out bad bulbs and fixtures.

Lower heat levels: LED lights don’t emit the excessive heat that traditional lighting does, making operating rooms cooler, safer and more comfortable. And there’s additional savings in reduced cooling costs!

Laboratory LED Surface LightLEDs provide better, more accurate, “full spectrum” lighting: Seeing the true colors for test results will improve diagnosis of skin and blood work tests. In addition, providing lights with correct “color rendering’ will reduce health issues concerning circadian levels, depression and alertness. Studies show the positive effect of LED light improves employee mood, attendance and production. Everyone will enjoy the enhanced light and better conditions.

Reduced health risks: LEDs have no harmful chemicals, don’t flicker or strobe like traditional lighting, all of which pose significant health risks, and potential interruptions to patient care. Switching to LED lighting will definitely positively affects patients, visitors and all staff at the facility.

With all the research that’s been done on  the healthy benefits and advantages of LED lights, it’s easy to see why they’re the best choice for Health Care and Senior Living facilities. Switching your hospital, clinic, doctor’s office or senior care facility to LED lighting will have a dramatic impact on patient health, staff satisfaction and environmental sustainability.


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