Spartan Grocery Store

Lifetime Savings

Lifetime Savings

Utility Rebate

Utility Rebate

Return on Investment Percentage

Project ROI


1.44 Years

KwH Reduction

Grid Savings
13,672 KwH

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Reduction Equivalent
67.7 Acres of Trees

Spartan Store LED Change over

“CooLED has the experience and knowledge to oversee any major LED conversion.  They really delivered on the final product – great service!”

DJ Oleson, Owner

Margins are tight in the grocery industry.  An LED conversion at Oleson’s Plaza West, a Spartan Store, went a long way to reducing costs and increasing the bottom line of this business.  Because LED tubes and fixtures last so long, Oleson’s also saved money and time with maintenance updates.  In addition, LEDs don’t produce the large amount of heat associated with running traditional lights.  This further saved money by reducing the load of coolers and freezers throughout the store.



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