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Energy Efficient Lighting Makes Smart Business.
Discover How CooLED Can Transform Your Food Related Business.

Along with the reduced energy and maintenance costs associated with LED lighting, it also provides a brighter, cleaner appearance for your food related business. Your customers will feel better, stay longer and buy more product.


Spartan Grocery Store LED retrofitYour products will be illuminated in the best light, your perishable goods will last longer and you’ll gain additional savings in the cost to run refrigeration and freezer units.

The lower temperature of LED lighting prolongs the color life of meat. Not only will LEDs save store owners operational costs on energy, but it will also keep their product looking its best and their customers happy.

Fruits and vegetables exposed to LED lighting decompose more slowly (due to lower temperatures and less UV radiation). By keeping fruit under LED lighting, store owners can expect a longer shelf life for fruit as well as lower energy costs and less money spent replacing spoiled fruit.

Because LED lights emit less heat than traditional lamps, additional savings can be gained due to less refrigeration energy use.


Burger King Fast Food LED ConversionThe fast food restaurant category has tremendous opportunity and maintenance cost savings available for low wattage, long life LED lighting applications.  Energy and maintenance costs make up a large portion of fast food restaurant’s operational costs.  Reducing operational costs by replacing traditional lighting with new LED lights, will result in higher profits and more funds to devote to other areas of business.

New LED lighting will provide consistent, bright light in any fast food restaurant.  A bright, clean and safe environment will provide a more attractive atmosphere for customers.  Studies have proven that employees are positively affected by LED lighting, showing improved mood and reduced absenteeism.

Utility incentive rebates, which are calculated and applied for by the CooLED staff, will further reduce the cost to move to energy efficient LEDs.  In addition, those store locations that utilize EPAct tax deductions can obtain additional economic benefits supporting these initiatives.  Contact your accountant for EPAct details for your geographic area.


Lastly, many businesses today have added Sustainability Standards to their company goals.  Making the energy efficient move to LED lights goes a long way to meeting those sustainability goals and greening the company profile.

Since we offer Complete Project Management and specialize in Multi-Location Management, we can fully address your property’s needs with no interference to your daily routine.


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