LED Tubes, Troffers and Panel Lights

Bi Pin LED T8 Tube
LED Freezer Tube
Decorative LED Troffer
Work troffer
LED Flat Panel
Flat Panel 2x2

Replacing outdated and dangerous fluorescent tubes throughout retail, commercial and office buildings is the easiest, most effective way to improve your lighting and reduce your costs. CooLED can help guide you through the endless options.

LED Tubes

LED tubes can replace virtually any style of fluorescent tube on the market. CooLED will help you to decide which style is best for your business: an AB Universal tube, compatible with ballast and ballast bypass, or a Type C remote driver style.


Troffers are the square or rectangular fixture designed to hold the tubes and the electrical components. They are typically designed to fit a modular ceiling grid, but can also be flush mounted or hang like pendants from the ceiling. They come in a wide variety of styles and their look can vary from the very utilitarian and industrial to the very elegant, and everywhere in-between. Depending on your needs and wants, CooLED has every option at their disposal.

LED Panel Lights

Some of the latest technology is in LED panel lighting systems. Their sleek, smooth look is very versatile and appealing today. Designed to fit into modular ceiling grids of retail and office spaces, LED panel lights can also be flush mounted or pendant hung from the ceiling.

CooLED Linear High Bay
U Bend LED Tube
Linear High Bay LED Light
Parking Deck Vapor Proof Troffer
CooLED Sky High Bay
Single pin T8
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