LED Parking Deck Lighting

Parking Deck Vapor Proof Troffer
UFO High Bay-Parking Deck
canopy-parking deck

Parking Decks across the nation require superior illumination for ease of navigation, adequate viewing and enhanced security measures. Installing an LED solution at your parking deck will provide all these things and more.

A safe and well-lit parking deck will attract more visitors, increase a sense of well-being and, with LED lighting, you’ll also benefit from lower maintenance needs.

CooLED has several options for your property. LED canopy lights, LED high-bay or low-bay lights or weather proof LED tubes to name just a few.  Any solution by CooLED will consider light color, distribution and damp or vapor protection.

Your parking deck lighting is important. With CooLED you’ll get a complete LED package that best fits your specific requirements.

This is a small sample of the types and styles of fixtures available. Scroll Below or
Contact Us to design an LED solution to fit your specific needs.


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