LED High Bay and Warehouse

UFO High Bay-Parking Deck
Dragon High Bay

Designed for tall commercial ceilings, typically 15’ or higher, LED high bay lighting is the most cost and energy efficient option on the market today. Buildings such as industrial and warehouse facilities, production facilities, recreation centers, airplane hangars and storage facilities can all benefit from our state-of-the-art LED high bay fixtures. These commercial LED lighting fixtures will improve visibility and worker safety while increasing productivity.

Area design, storage and shelving units, and general operation specifics will all be considered when designing the right LED high bay light solution for your property. Based on the features of your work area, a fixture with the correct distribution pattern, wattage and color temperature will be chosen to best work within your business needs.

Linear High Bay LED Light
CooLED High-Tech Industrial High Bay
CooLED Linear High Bay

High bay lighting distribution options

Warehouse Lighting Distributions
This is a small sample of the types and styles of fixtures available. Scroll Below or
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