LED Canopy and Tunnel Lights

Canopy tunnel light
round LED canopy
LED canopy soffit light

Any fixture attached to an exterior ceiling is considered a Canopy or Tunnel light. These might be at gas stations, covered retail walkways, common area porches, commercial building soffit lighting, etc.

Updating your  canopy fixtures with new LED canopy lights will improve the overall appearance and increase the illumination, thereby showing your business in the best light possible. Your property is enhanced, and your energy consumption and overall maintenance will be lower.

CooLED will design an LED lighting package for your building that makes the most sense for your specific needs. As a complete LED project management team, we’re a “one-call-does-it-all” company. From survey and solution to installation, rebate fulfillment and warranty work – we do the entire job to your complete satisfaction.

CressaUSA tunnel light
canopy-parking deck
LED tunnel light
led gas station canopy light
This is a small sample of the types and styles of fixtures available. Scroll Below or
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