Tim Burden, CEO

Tim Burden is responsible for the overall direction, growth and management of CooLED, Inc.

Mr. Burden is an experienced industry builder and has a considerable presence in North America. He’s built numerous private companies that have grown to be the top firms in the country by industry. His businesses have been listed in the Michigan 100 and the Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies.

He is an experienced contractor, whose companies have delivered over 10,000 successful projects. He has served on many community boards as well as in numerous national industry specific leadership roles over his career.

Mr. Burden enjoys the dynamic LED lighting industry. His quote:

“It’s a fun business. It’s a pleasure to bring this level of savings value to our clients, improve their light illumination and help them contribute to sustainability efforts and a greener planet”.

Connect with Tim Burden on Linkedin         231-421-5981             Connect with CooLED on Linkedin

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