Meet the Team

CooLED is comprised of an eclectic group of talented professionals who make up the leading LED Lighting Management Team.  Each member of our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best LED solutions for their property, lowering their energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

Meet our Executive Team:

Tim Burden
CEO, Tim BurdenTim Burden is responsible for the overall direction, growth and management of CooLED, Inc.  He enjoys the dynamic LED lighting industry.

Mr. Burden is an experienced industry builder and has a considerable presence in North America.  He’s built numerous private companies that have grown to be the top firms in the country by industry. His businesses have been listed in the Michigan 100 and the Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies.  Read more…

Matthew Rafferty

Sr. Vice President of National Sales
Sr. VP National Sales, Matthew Rafferty

Mathew Rafferty is our Senior Vice President of National Sales who works with businesses throughout the United States to help them transition to LED lighting.

Matthew knows how to help customers transition from beginning to end and will outline the benefits of LED lighting including cost savings, increased customer satisfaction and safety.  Read more…

Mike Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Smith is the CooLED Chief Financial Officer, Lead Purchasing Agent and a Project Manager.  Mike has over 40 years of experience as a CPA, business owner and manager, as well as being a consultant and mentor to business leaders.  Read more…


Betsy Kelly

Vice President of Administration and Marketing
Vice President of Marketing, Betsy Kelly

Betsy Kelly is the Vice President of Administration and Marketing for CooLED. She takes great enthusiasm in supporting the entire CooLED team with her organizational skills on major projects and new initiatives.  She uses her creative efforts drawn from her years in marketing businesses.   Read more…


Dan Borski
LED Technical Lead
Technical Lead, Dan BorskiDan has nearly 40 of technical/sales background having previously worked in Solar Energy, HVAC, Radio/Cell phone and LED lighting trades.

With over 10 years devoted to the LED industry, Dan uses his expertise to qualify and properly specify LED products for any application.  He diligently follows the evolving LED industry while weighing the performance/cost/benefit aspect of an LED solution for our clients.  Read more…




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