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Making the switch from conventional lighting to LEDs has an immediate impact on any company’s bottom line.  Since your company’s energy costs are solely dependent on the amount of energy used, switching to LEDs causes an immediate reduction in your energy consumption…a reduction that will translate to your next utility bill!  Additional savings are at hand, as nearly every utility company is currently providing CASH INCENTIVES for reducing your energy consumption with LEDs.  As if that weren’t enough, because they last SO long, you’ll save a ton on maintenance costs AND because they produce so little heat, you’ll save on cooling costs as well!Let’s look at this again:


Switch to LEDs now and start saving!

Better Light:

Some of our customers have said that the switch from conventional lighting to LEDs is like the switch from standard-definition TV to high-definition TV; once they’ve seen the HDTV, there’s no going back!  The reason for this phenomenon is that LEDs provide a high-quality light, akin to your HDTV providing a high-quality picture, and that light quality is represented by the CRI.  The CRI, or color rendering index, is a measurement of how well an artificial light source mimics “ideal” natural light, with higher values representing more natural light.  No need to settle for orange light and flickering fluorescents!  LEDs typically have CRI values in the high 70s or above, providing even lighting with a natural look and feel.

Green Technology:

As if it were not enough that your company has chosen an engineered lighting solution that reduces energy consumption AND has a ridiculously-long lifetime, LEDs are also extremely green at the end of their lives!  All CooLED bulbs and fixtures are 100% recyclable and contain no hazardous chemicals (unlike conventional lighting, which contains mercury, PCBs, and other contaminants).  CooLED offers a full recycling program for the bulbs and fixtures we replace with any retrofit, including a certificate of recycling.  Let us take all of your fixtures back to our recycling center for proper recycling, so once your LEDs are finally in need of replacement, you can rest assured that they will avoid the landfill and will instead be reborn!

Extended Fixture Life:

Further adding to your bottom line, LEDs have far longer lifetimes than conventional lighting, which means less capital costs for replacement materials and less maintenance costs for replacement labor.  Typically, CooLED’s LED fixtures are rated for lifetimes of 50,000 hours or more (vs. 24,000 hours for conventional lighting), and CooLED’s bulbs and tubes are rated for lifetimes of 30,000 hours or more (vs. 10,000 hours for CFLs).  Less materials + less maintenance = MORE SAVINGS!!

Why ‘COOL’ is so Important:

Because LED lighting systems don’t radiate heat the way an incandescent, CFL or halogen light bulb does, the heat produced from the power going into the product must be drawn away from the LEDs. This is usually done with a heat sink, which is a passive device that absorbs the heat produced and dissipates it into the surrounding environment. This keeps LEDs from overheating and burning out.  LED products use a variety of unique heat sink designs and configurations to manage heat, so they may look very different from each other. Regardless of the heat sink design, all of our LED products have been tested to ensure that they properly manage the heat so that the light output is maximized and the life of the fixture is increased.

5 Day Work WeekEstimated Life in Years
Hours/DayHours/WeekAnnual Hours50,000 Hour
Life Tubes
Hour Life
7 Day Work WeekEstimated Life in Years
Hours/DayHours/WeekAnnual Hours50,000 Hour
Life Tubes
Hour Life
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