CooLED is a Michigan corporation, with dealer and sales reps all over the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.


The technology to remove heat from the LED is far superior to any other known method, which results in greater light output, immensely longer life, lower cost of ownership and greater energy savings. With energy savings in the range of 60% to 80%, the conversion to LED lighting will dramatically reduce the nation’s power consumption levels, saving billions of dollars in energy costs to government, businesses and households.

Most applications of our LED fixtures recapture the initial cost in just 1 to 3 years, then continue to return immense energy savings throughout the useful life of the fixture, adding substantial profit to the bottom line.


CooLED is the direct link between the LED light manufacturer, and the end user, keeping costs down and providing a competitive advantage over other LED lighting products.   We work directly with facility managers and owners of  auto dealerships, factories, warehouses, malls, big box retail, hospitals, schools, universities, stadiums, parking decks  and other high-ceiling buildings with high intensity fixtures mounted high off the illuminated surface. We also work with governmental institutions that operate roadways, prisons, military installations, airports, etc.

Our trained staff will assist you in determining your fixture needs, calculate your energy savings and even apply for the Energy Efficiency Incentives from your energy provider. We partner with qualified, licensed Electrical Contractors to provide professional installation services.

If you are a Licensed Electrical Contractor with an interest in partnering with us, please click here.

Telephone: 231-421-5981

Corporate Office

311 East 8th Street
Traverse City Mi 49684
Distribution Center
861 Robinwood Ct.  Ste. 1
Traverse City, MI 49686
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