Better than FREE - EasyLED lights PAY YOU!

Introducing EasyLED,
by CooLED!

EasyLED Mobile LED ServiceEasyLED is the easiest, fastest way to get your business to START SAVING TODAY with new LED lights!


Call today for fast, on-site quotes and installation for all your commercial lighting needs.

Your business can experience all the benefits plus the proven savings of LED lighting,
quickly, easily and with NO MONEY DOWN!

Guaranteed Savings with NO Up-Front Costs – WE HANDLE IT ALL!

Interior  •  Exterior  •  Retail stores  •  Medical  •  Office properties  •  Warehouse  •  Banks  •  Restaurants  •  Manufacturing  •  Auto Dealers  •  Grocery  •  Multi-family housing  •  Senior living  •  Airports  •  Schools  •  Malls and Outlets  •  Production facilities  •  Parking lots and many more!




Just give us a call, we’ll come, quote and install with NO interruption to your daily business.


EasyLED makes it simple to get all the benefits
of new LED lighting and then some:

  • No up-front costs.
  • Immediate savings.
  • Easy management with no hassles and no risk.  EasyLED lighting professionals handle it all!
  • Better light, better security and reduced utility expense because you have a dependable new system, serviced by experts.
  • No supplier hassles, EasyLED will directly deal with all manufacturers and subcontractors as part of your service.

Our process is Easy too:  Call and Start Saving Today!

EasyLED Lighting Service Plan

When will your business start saving with LED lights?


EasyLED@CooLEDinc.com                           EasyLED, by CooLED                                              CooLEDinc.com


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