Lighting Controls

Systems designed to modify the output of light sources are called ‘lighting controls’. Solid State Lighting (SSL) or LED lighting is highly controllable. There are basically 4 ways to control LED lighting: dimmers, occupancy sensors, timers or daylight sensors. With the right control system, a building’s interior and exterior lights can be controlled however you see fit.

The advantage to controls is the enhanced energy reduction, the ability to turn lights on and off as needed and the ability to alter the light as necessary for your specific demands. The negative to controls is the sheer magnitude of available systems and options, which makes implementation appear difficult and operation a confusing road to travel.

Not an expert? No problem, CooLED can advise our customers on the advantages of each system type and guide them to determine the best solution for their unique situation.


Wired Controls

or Wireless?

Wireless Controls

Individual autonomous control, master autonomous control, or human/machine interface(HMI)?

Field-located devices or electrical room devices?

CooLED’s staff will help you integrate motion sensors, photocells or local dimmers (field-located devices) OR are dimmer, timer and lighting control panels (electrical room devices).

Lighting Control Options
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