Hospitals & Universities Lead the LED Movement

September 11, 2018

Hospitals & Universities Lead the LED Movement


Hospitals and Universities are among the largest properties to lead the way in terms of embracing the many benefits of LED lighting. They are in a continuous effort to improve facility efficiencies and satisfaction while making environmentally friendly, cost effective decisions.

Why Hospitals and Universities?

Hospitals and Universities are similar in the way that they are each like a city within a city. They house and employ thousands of people every day. There are bed or housing areas, administration or classrooms, food service facilities and even retail options. Each property is sprawled on land with walkways, parking lots and buildings that require proper lighting for safety and security.

The adaptability of LED lighting for specific areas in ways never before available makes them very appealing.

Substantial Savings

It’s true. You’ll cut your electric bills by up to 70% by switching your interior and exterior lighting to LED. It’s not magic, just simple math. LED’s use much less energy to produce light than traditional lighting. If you use less, you pay less. Additional options for lighting controls such as motion detectors or light level sensors provide further cost reductions.

In and of itself, this significant savings is extremely appealing. But that’s not the only reason Hospitals and Universities are leading the way in LED conversions.

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In the Business of Loyalty

Both Hospitals and Universities stay in business by attracting and retaining its ‘people’; whether they’re employees, patients or students. Loyalty is earned when an entity can make you feel welcome, happy and safe and in today’s world: environmentally correct.

All of these boxes are checked with LED lighting conversion.

A Great First Impression

A bright and welcoming entrance will form a lasting, positive first impression. LED lighting provides better illumination, creating that
welcoming feeling. It says you care about the people that use your property and that you’re willing to provide the best for them.

The same can be said for those traveling by foot from one area of the campus to another. A well-lit campus allows people to travel as they please without the fear of darkness.

Many times a person’s first visit to a hospital is in the nighttime. The increased light output by LED’s provides a much desired sense of safety and security. No dark walkways, dimly lit parking lots, or dark corners of buildings. Instead, the already nervous visitor is given a great first impression of the facility that will last a lifetime.

A great first impression will make you want to come back and provides a sense of trust and care.


LEDs have come a long way. The ability to transition LED lighting from one color to another is a great way to adapt the lighting to the situation as needed, or as it changes throughout the day.

Dimming hallway lights in the evening sends a message that it’s after hours and time to be quiet for those trying to sleep. A busy University lecture hall, on the other hand, requires bright daylight simulation to keep students alert. LEDs can adapt to any situation.

Many studies have proven the positive effects of LED lighting which includes better moods, higher test scores, decreased healing time and reduced absenteeism.

Complete Control

Further adaptability is reached with simple controls for your LED lighting system. Motion activated and photocell sensors or timers are examples of such controls. Motion detectors only turn lights on when the room is in use – saving energy during down times. Dusk to Dawn photocells ensure the lights are on only during the evening dark and turn off automatically at dawn. Likewise, timers are useful when a pattern of use is obvious, again saving energy during known down times.

With today’s technology, LED controls can be monitored and managed on site, on a computer or from an app on your smart phone. It’s a convenient option for maximum management of lighting.

In Conclusion

LED lighting is the easiest and most cost effective way to address many of the needs and wants of people at Hospitals and Universities. It’s no wonder they are leading the trend for LED conversions. Once touted as simply a significant savings to your bottom line, LED lighting is now widely accepted for its many other attributes including safety, sustainability and adaptability.

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