What to Consider Before You Have a Lighting Audit at Your Property

April 5, 2018

What to Consider Before You Have a Lighting Audit at Your Property

There are many reasons to request an audit of your lighting system. If your property has not been upgraded yet, it’s time you took a moment to focus your attention on an often overlooked utility that could be costing you much more than it should.

Take a tour of your site and make notes on how well the lights fulfill their purpose. The employees or tenants who make constant use of the lights may have some helpful input for you in this step. Safety, aesthetics, and worker satisfaction are important factors that can be difficult to quantify. Make note also of the condition you find your lights in. It may simply be time to replace your old infrastructure. There may be OSHA requirements to consider, as well as the hours of operation for each area. Some lights may burn long hours unnecessarily, while others may be improperly chosen for their application.

Think about your reasons for upgrading the lighting in your facility. Perhaps the infrastructure is outdated or inefficient, or you are spending too much on energy, maintenance, and replacing bulbs and ballasts. There may have been an accident blamed on poor lighting conditions or parts of your inventory have been stolen or vandalized. It may even be as simple as wanting better looking merchandise.

Determine how much you can budget for a lighting project, who in your organization will need to be consulted, and what steps must be taken during the funding and payment processes? Make a list of the decision makers in your organization who will need to be considered during the project. Contact them early to avoid any bureaucratic delays in the process. Take note that the experts at CooLED will apply for any rebate incentives that may be available for your project and offer several different options for financing.

The experienced team at CooLED is ready to save your business money and make the transition to energy efficient lights with a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee and a minimum 5-year warranty on all LED lighting

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