Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Convert to LED Lighting – Right Now!

February 16, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Convert to LED Lighting – Right Now!

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs an LED Conversion

Does your business keep putting off upgrading its lights to LED? Do other projects always seem to take precedence? Here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should make an LED conversion right now. Every month you wait, you lose out on more than you might realize!

#1) Rebates Will Dry Up

Most utility companies have programs that reward businesses for switching their lights to energy efficient LEDs. These rebates can provide significant savings for your conversion. Every year these utility rebates are at the mercy of ever changing government regulations. In some cases the rebates have been reduced and eventually they will be cancelled altogether. Don’t lose out on this powerful program before it disappears.

Bonus tip: CooLED provides all rebate research and application fulfillment as a free service for clients.

#2) Increased Costs vs. Immediate Savings

With an LED retrofit, your business begins saving money immediately. When the project is financed, your payments are usually lower than your savings, keeping you cash-positive. For every month your company puts off an LED conversion, you’re paying more in utility, maintenance and cooling costs. Over time, you could have easily paid for the project and turned all that red into black.

#3) Maintenance Headaches

When your outdated lights burn out it creates a hazardous situation. Poor lighting can be the cause of mistakes, accidents and overall delays – all of which cause your business big headaches. Your maintenance people have to stop what they’re doing and change the lights, often times halting production as well. They might need to use a ladder, or mechanical lift or worse: your company might need to hire outside help to get the job done! That’s not to mention the huge expense of stock-piling replacement bulbs and fixtures of all kinds. LED lighting has a lifespan several years longer than traditional lights and therefore, reduces the hazards, delays, expense and maintenance headaches of relamping burnt out lights.

Bonus tip: The 2017 OSHA report shows ladder injuries are the 7th most common jobsite safety violation. Each time a worker needs to use a ladder to change a fixture, there is a risk of accident and injury. LEDs can reduce this risk by reducing the need to relamp a burnt out light as frequently.

#4) Enhanced Illumination Makes You Money

Enhanced lighting from LEDs vastly improves the working and living conditions of those around it. LEDs are available in a variety of colors, from cool white to warm amber and everything in-between. This variety can be customized to suite your facility’s unique needs. Enhanced illumination reduces accidents and mistakes, is proven to improve attendance, attitude, and the appearance of products on display. Each one of these benefits improves production and increases sales, making money for your business!

Bonus tip: LED lights are especially helpful for Assisted Living Facilities for a number of reasons including stabilizing circadian rhythms, improving sleep patterns, enhancing visual acuity reducing agitation.

#5) Corporate Green Initiatives Fulfilled

Many businesses, large and small are adding energy efficiency initiatives to their annual missions. These green initiatives are often customer driven and, when fulfilled, are viewed as a positive acknowledgement of the company’s responsibility to the ecology of the planet. An LED conversion at your business is one of the quickest and easiest ways to lower your company’s carbon emissions and enhance your green reputation with your customers and employees.

You want to make the best decisions when it comes to running your facility efficiently and cost effectively. Switching your lighting to LED supports your decision to do just that. CooLED can make the process easy for you because we offer a complete LED project management process and specialize in multi-location coordination for businesses such as yours.

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