Free Lights!

August 19, 2016

Free Lights!

Yes you can!

Sometimes a deal seems too good to be true – but we assure you, our Lighting Service Agreement (LSA) IS AS GOOD AS IT SEEMS.

  • We provide and install your new LED lights with NO CHARGE to you and NOTHING ON YOUR BOOKS – REALLY!
  • We maintain the new lights through the length of the LSA contract.
  • You pay us via a share of your guaranteed savings – it’s like THEY’RE FREE!

Here’s the most common comments we receive when explaining our LSA program:

Q)   “So, I give you a down-payment?”     A)  Nothing down.

Q)  “So, I pay you up front?”    A)  NO. No up front costs.

Q)  “So, I finance this project?”        A)  NO. No capital expenses – nothing on your books.

Q)  “So, I give you all my savings?”        A)  NO.  We only get a portion; the rest is yours to keep.  Plus, at the end of the contract, you continue to get ALL the savings.


 It’s not MAGIC, just MATH.


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