Lighting Service Agreement (LSA)

July 12, 2016

Lighting Service Agreement (LSA)

LED Lighting Options


You can upgrade your lighting systems, improve the light quality, and reduce energy consumption without the need for any capital expenditures and the tough choices that arise during the budgeting process.

Unlike a capital improvement project, our Lighting Service Agreement (LSA) requires NO capital investment.  Whether it’s a contract for manufacturing, public housing, education, health-care, government, retail or more, an LSA through CooLED can meet any customer’s unique needs for an energy upgrade with no investment carried on your books and no need for any special budget allocations.

Enjoy INSTANT SAVINGS and reduce your facility operational expenses starting FROM DAY ONE.  We’ve completely eliminated the budget obstacles.

Click for a PDF of the LSA Brochure


LEDs provide better light, better working conditionsLED lights produce brighter, clearer light, while using 50+% less energy.  Working and living conditions are improved and customer experience is enhanced.  In addition, LEDs produce very little heat and lat an incredible number of years.

LED lights contain NO hazardous materials, don’t flicker or strobe and are the environmentally responsible choice.


CooLED will conduct a complete audit of all of your existing lights.  We’ll gather all of the details of your operating patterns and needs to product optimum conditions.  We’ll provide you with a preliminary report for your review including all products, costs, energy savings and service agreement fees.

Upon final agreement, CooLED will install samples in any are to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the amount of light and color temperature.  We’ll minimize any disruptions in your work flow.  When you are ready, we’ll install the complete energy saving system.

CooLED will pay for all of these costs.  You will only make your first monthly payment after the new lighting system is installed.

LSA Agreement for Your BusinessCooLED maintains ownership and maintenance responsibility for the lighting system for the life of the service agreement.  At the end of the agreement, the customer owns all of the improvements and receives 100% of the continuous savings from then on.

FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVE: Why Choose and LED Conversion LSA with CooLED?

You know the benefits of today’s attractive, high-efficiency lighting systems… but you also know how difficult it can be to justify new capital investments.  CooLED can help you free your precious capital for other uses, making it possible to implement new lighting, significantly reduce lifetime operating costs and simplify on-going management.

Click for a PDF of the LSA Brochure

CooLED’s ALL-INCLUSIVE LSA – One Monthly Charge Covers All This:

CooLEDs all-inclusive LSA benefitsNew, state of the art LED lighting

Expert CooLED installation services

Reduced electric usage

All ongoing service and maintenance, up to full replacement if necessary at no extra charge

Lower carbon footprint; green reputation


LED line up-smNo up-font capital investment

Immediate savings

Easy Management, with no hassles and no risk.  CooLED’s lighting professionals take full responsibility for maintenance and replacement.

Better light, better security and reduced utility expense because you have a dependable new system, serviced by experts.

No supplier hassles, CooLED will directly deal with all manufacturers and subcontractors as part of your service.


How a CooLED LSA works:

Call us today at 231-421-5981 or email: to learn more about how CooLED’s Lighting Service Agreement can deliver the benefits of state-of-the-art lighting without the capital costs and management hassles!


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