Chase Bank to Convert 5,000 Branches

April 6, 2016

Chase Bank to Convert 5,000 Branches

LED Technology is Finally Becoming an Affordable No-Brainer

Chase Bank to Convert 5,000 Branches to LED


The acceptance of energy-efficient LED lighting is finally coming to fruition in the commercial and industrial segments of American business today. The fact that Chase Bank just announced its plan to transition to all LED lights throughout its nearly 5,000 branches and encompassing over 1.4 million lights, marks a significant milestone.

Chase representatives are quoted as saying they’re happy to be “lowering the energy we use in the communities we serve”, but they’re undoubtedly even more excited about the cost savings of at least 50%!

While Chase Bank is by no means the only Fortune 500 business to take the plunge, it is a very large project and represents the overall mood of business owners to embrace the newly advanced LED technology.

Today’s LED technology is sufficiently improved and markedly lower in cost. Higher efficiency standards have pushed incandescent, fluorescent and the larger HID fixtures out of the mix to a large degree.

And most significantly, CooLED has developed new business models that enable large and small clients alike to get access to money and energy-saving LEDs without laying out a ton of cash up front. This has turned LEDs from an experimental, above-market curiosity into an affordable no-brainer.

CooLED is the Authority on Commercial and Industrial LED Conversion

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