Take the Sting out of Rising Energy Costs

May 13, 2015

Take the Sting out of Rising Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs with LEDs

You’ve read the news, as energy providers duke it out with State regulators and the recently proposed EPA carbon reduction plan, Businesses in the state of Michigan are forced to stand by and wait for what is sure to be a dramatic increase in energy costs.

It’s a no-win situation for many in Michigan, who are caught between subsidized, outdated coal-fired power plants and the expensive alternative-energy plants yet to be built, let alone even proposed in most cases.

Join the many businesses that are taking the proactive approach and LESSENING THEIR ENERGY NEEDS AND THEIR COSTS by switching to the latest in LED technology with CooLED.

CooLED has time-tested, proven experience with:

  • Designing an LED system with your specific needs in mind
  • Obtaining the highest utility incentive programs for further savings
  • Providing proven energy saving expectations
  • Providing Finance options that can provide ZERO out-of-pocket options!
Want to know more?  Download our FREE Whitepaper: The Basics of LED Advantages
(with Bonus Material!)

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