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We’re dedicated to making Property Managers lives easier and better.
From coast to coast we provide LED lighting project management
with honesty, integrity and virtually no interruption to your daily work flow.



Complete Project Management

We offer Complete Project Management from start to finish for your project.  Facility Managers are eager to work with us because of our simplified “one call handles it all” approach. Whether your property is one location or multi-locations and no matter if you’re located regionally, or coast to coast, you can count on CooLED to complete your LED conversion from light audit to rebate to full completion and all phases in-between.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We back every job with a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee. We’re not done until you say so. We make sure every fixture is the right amount of light, color temperature, distribution and everything is to your complete satisfaction. In addition, all our products are backed by the CooLED Standard Warranty with 5 and 10 year options.

Huge Energy Savings

Outdated lighting systems are a significant drain on your company’s bottom line, and upgrading your lighting system immediately reduces your energy consumption! Our satisfied customers have realized energy savings up to 80% with our engineered lighting solutions.

Extended Fixture Life

Choose from a variety of lighting solutions, some with operating expediencies of up to 100,000 hours!  Your maintenance team has better things to do than change lights – with an LED retro-fit from CooLED, you’ll save on company down-time, maintenance costs and replacement fixture costs.

Financing Services

CooLED has formed partnerships with lenders ready to finance your LED lighting project!  Eliminate your up-front, out-of-pocket expenses with a financing program, and use the money you save on energy to pay down the loan.  Remove all capital expenditures with our new Lighting Service Agreement (LSA).  CooLED’s fixtures really DO pay for themselves!

Best of the Best

CooLED has researched hundreds of LED lighting manufacturers to identify the best lighting products in the market today.  Our LED fixtures use unique technologies that provide high-quality illumination in a high-quality fixture, all backed-up by our high-quality customer service!


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