Utility Rebate Fulfillment

CooLED will do all the research and required applications necessary to provide you with the largest possible utility rebate available for your property. In some cases the saving from this service is extremely significant. Our staff is knowledgeable in completing what can be a burdensome and lengthy process for your business. We don’t charge for this task, instead it’s a standard practice within our complete project management protocol.

LED Design   LED Lighting Design

CooLED will evaluate your property, listen to your wants and needs and design an LED lighting solution to fit those specific needs. After an initial consultation, we’ll design your system using our collected data along with specifications, desired effects, photometrics and engineering. We have the ability to build your unique system based on economic or specific parameters if necessary, allowing us to meet your budgetary and contractual needs. We can engineer your LED lighting solution based on décor, energy conservation, mandated ordinances and more.

Detailed Proposal Presetation   Detailed Proposal Presentation

CooLED provides every customer with a detailed proposal and presentation so you and your team is able to make an educated decision with minimal effort and within your deadline. Our experienced team of LED designers, engineers and technical leads will accurately and quickly provide you with a review of your property including specifications on products, return on investment, utility rebate and potential upgrade options.

electrical Installation   Nationwide Installation Program

CooLED offers a nationwide LED lighting installation program. We pull from our network of CooLED Approved Electricians (CAE) who are proven, certified electrical contractors. Our in-house Master Electrician and LED Project Management Team work closely with every contractor to ensure your installation will be cost effective and your project is completed with minimum interference to your daily work schedule.

Finance options   Finance Options

CooLED will assist you with options to help your LED lighting upgrade fit into this year’s budget. Our experienced team can provide alternatives for little to no money down, economical commercial or private finance terms or delayed lease options. We structure your finance terms so you’re payments are less than your savings, so it’s a net-net win situation for your company’s bottom line.

Photometrics   Photometrics

CooLED has the experience and expertise to provide your staff with a detailed photometric study based on your property’s specific criteria.  This presentation will assure even the toughest questions about your new lighting solution will be visualized to their satisfaction.

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