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Since their LED lighting upgrade, Cherry Capital Cadillac Subaru is realizing many benefits – the first of which is a tremendous reduction in energy consumption, resulting in significant monthly savings.  A very important marketing upgrade with LED lighting is how the improved, directional lighting enhances the colors and display of the cars on the lot.  Better looking cars equates to increased sales.  In addition, the directional quality of the state-of-the-art LEDs keeps the light evenly distributed on the lot and the automobiles, not up into the sky or trespassing onto adjacent businesses or housing.

At the front of the lot, near the roadway, 1000 watt metal halide fixtures were replaced with 200 watt LED parking lot lights.  In the rear of the parking lot, 400 watt metal halides were replaced with 100 watt LEDs.

The new LED Parking lot light fixtures are environmentally friendly and require no warm up time when powered up.  For Cherry Capital Cadillac Subaru, the bottom line is the tremendous savings, reduced maintenance costs and the improved appearance of the brands they represent.

CooLED Dragon Parking Lot Light Spec Sheet

CooLED Dragon Series Flood Light Spec Sheet 

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