Meet the Team

CooLED is comprised of an eclectic group of talented professionals who make up the leading LED Lighting Management Team.  Each member of our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best LED solutions for their property, lowering their energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

While we’re serious about our work for CooLED, we aspire to the mix of work hard/play hard!

Read more about each person by clicking their names or photos.


Tim Burden                         Marko Vukasovich              Matthew Rafferty              Bruce Muzzarelli
Founder & CEO                   President                              Sr. VP, National Sales      Sr. Vice President

tim Burden, CEO          Marko Vukasovich, President          Matthew Rafferty, VP, National Sales          Bruce Muzzarelli, Sr. Vice President
The Big Deal                        The Big Cheese                     All Business                         The Wizard


Betsy Kelly                            Mike Smith                          Dan Borski                          Kate Bowden
VP of Marketing                  CFO                                       Vice President                    Marketing Manager

Betsy Kelly, VP Marketing          Mike Smith, CFO       Dan Borski, CooLED Vice President          Kate Bowden, Assistant Marketing Manager
Company Princess             Dollars & Sense                LED Ambassador                 Marketing Diva


John Stumo                          Billy Coleman
Warehouse Manager          Master Electrician

John Stumo, Warehouse Mgr.          Billy Coleman, Lead Electrician
Mr. Fix-it                              Mr. Personality


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