LED Retail Spot Lights and Track Lights

Invisua Masterspot LED
LED Spot light

How a retail area is lit has the ability to affect how the buyer perceives your brand and your products. It’s important to realize what you’d like to achieve with the lighting in your retail space.

Where traditional lights are plagued with sterile light, short lifespan and inconvenient replacement issues, new LED replacements provide years of maintenance free lighting with superior illumination.

CooLED has LED options for retail lighting that allows a store owner to choose between vibrant saturated colors, pastels and subtle shade, warm cozy whites, bright crisp winter whites, and everything in-between.

Whether you re-lamp your existing fixture or replace them, retro-fitting your retail space with LED solutions will provide you with better light with lower cost and reduced maintenance.

Invisua LED track and spot light
Hi Tech Track Light
Black LED track light
Invisua spot light
multi head LED spot lights
Positionable LED track light
This is just a small sample of the types and styles of fixtures available.
Contact Us to design an LED solution to fit your specific needs.


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