Why CooLED Inc.?
The "Coolest" Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting


Best of the Best

1 CooLED has researched hundreds of lighting manufacturers to identify the best lighting products in the market today.  Our lighting products use unique technologies that provide high-quality light in a high-quality fixture, all backed-up by our high-quality customer service!

Financing Services

2 CooLED has formed partnerships with lenders ready to finance your lighting project!  Eliminate your up-front, out-of-pocket expenses with a financing program, and use the money you save on energy to pay down the loan…CooLED’s fixtures really do pay for themselves!

Huge Energy Savings

3 Outdated lighting systems are a significant drain on your company’s bottom line, and upgrading your lighting system immediately reduces your energy consumption! Our satisfied customers have realized energy savings up to 80% with our engineered lighting solutions.

Extended Fixture Life

4 Choose from a variety of lighting solutions, some with operating expectancies of up to 100,000 hours!