Reduce energy consumption by over 70% while providing the highest quality lighting available


Good For Our Earth

1 Do your part to help green up America. Reduce your energy consumption while removing hazardous materials from the work place and consumer environment. Replace conventional glass filament and fluorescent bulbs with fixtures that do not shatter and do not contain contaminants, protecting your staff and customers. Recycling service is available to properly dispose of the fixtures we replace.

Huge Energy Savings

2 Our LEDs operate cooler than all other LED’s currently on the market; because they run cooler they use less power.  Less power consumption equates to lower  operating costs and a quicker return on your investment. Often we see energy savings in the 80% to 90% range, saving thousands of dollars each month.

Best Of The Best

3 Our LED lights use only the best components from leading manufacturers. Cree, Osram  and Inventronics are international corporations that build the key components of our LED Lighting. These corporations are providing financial depth and security for the best warranties offered on the market. Each light carries a 10 year warranty on the coatings and housings and 5 years for the drivers and the light emitting diodes.

Extended Fixture Life

4 CooLED fixtures are very durable and essentially unbreakable.  CooLED fixtures have a projected operating life expectancy of 100,000 hours and tubes have an estimated 50,000 hour life.